Table 3

Correlation of Cre/CysC with diabetic complications, glucose and C peptide

ComplicationsCV diseaseDPNLEADDNDR
95% CI−1.47 to –0.22−1.06 to 0.31−1.44 to –0.29−0.73 to 0.45−1.24 to 0.15
P value0.0080.2830.0040.6390.123
Glucose0 min30 min60 min120 min180 min
P value0.1090.0710.045<0.001<0.001
C peptide0 min30 min60 min120 min180 min
P value0.9420.9590.5750.1910.287
  • Correlations are shown with the coefficient r or 95% Cl of the mean difference between the patients with complications and without.

  • Cre/CysC, creatinine to cystatin C ratio; CV, cardiovascular; DN, diabetic nephropathy; DPN, diabetic peripheral neuropathy; DR, diabetic retinopathy; LEAD, lower-extremity arterial disease.