Table 2

Final ‘top-10’ research questions for the whole sample after Round 3 (n=69) comparing the rank in consumer or health professional subgroups

Overall sample rankConsumer rankHealth professional rankResearch questionDFD categoryUKCRC HRCS categoryFinal score
12What are the health and cost benefits of providing government-funded, multidisciplinary high-risk foot services for optimal management of people with diabetes-related foot disease compared with usual care?EconomicsHealth and social care services research452
24What are the most effective treatment options for pain associated with diabetes-related peripheral neuropathy?Peripheral neuropathyManagement of diseases and conditions431
34What are the most effective educational programs to improve self-care practices to prevent foot disease in people with diabetes?EducationManagement of diseases and conditions430
43What are the long-term outcomes (wound recurrence, osteomyelitis recurrence) of osteomyelitis in people with diabetes, when treated conservatively/medically rather than surgically?InfectionManagement of diseases and conditions413
51Can established peripheral neuropathy be reversed, and if so how?Peripheral neuropathyEtiology410
65Is there a cost benefit of implementing a program to prevent diabetes-related foot ulcers in high-risk populations compared with the cost of treating diabetes-related foot ulcers?EconomicsHealth and social care services research381
7What smart technology can be integrated into the care of people with diabetes-related foot ulcers that will help improve healing time?TechnologyEvaluation of treatments and therapeutic interventions332
88Is exercise beneficial in reducing the risk of diabetes-related foot complication?ExerciseEvaluation of treatments and therapeutic interventions327
9What is the effectiveness of diet supplementation with micronutrients such as vitamins, protein, minerals and amino acids in improving healing rates in people with diabetes-related foot disease or ulcers?NutritionEvaluation of treatments and therapeutic interventions322
10Is exercise safe for people with diabetes-related foot complications?ExerciseEvaluation of treatments and therapeutic interventions297
  • DFD, diabetes-related foot disease; UKCRC HRCS, UK Clinical Research Collaboration Health Research Classification System.