Table 1

Main clinical characteristics and outcome of our patients

PatientMedical historyBMI (kg/m2)A1C (%)Insulin naïveBG at CIVII initiation (mg/dL)Average BG on CIVII (mg/dL)Duration on CIVII (hours)Average insulin drip rate (units/hour)Highest insulin drip rate (units/hour)Steroid use during CIVIIInitial regimen after CIVII D/CDeath
1Type 2 diabetes, HTN, obesity37.88.3Yes496179133170500YesInsulin glargine 175 units two times per day, HDSSYes
2Type 2 diabetes, CAD, HTN, HLD, obesity40.37No35219979182500YesInsulin glargine 175 units two times per day, HDSSYes
3Type 2 diabetes, HTN, obesity33.811.4Yes326162448*21100NoInsulin glargine 80 units two times per day, HDSSNo
4Type 2 diabetes, HLD, obesity34.89.8Yes39017720729100YesN/AYes
  • *The duration on CIVII for patient 3 is represented as the total hours of two separate initiations during the same hospital stay.

  • BG, blood glucose; BMI, body mass index; CAD, coronary artery disease; CIVII, continuous intravenous insulin infusion; D/C, discontinued; HDSS, high-dose sliding scale; HLD, hyperlipidemia; HTN, hypertension; N/A, not available.