Table 4

Final ‘top-10’ research questions for health professionals after Round 3 (n=39*), compared with rank from overall sample

Health professional rankOverall sample rankResearch questionDFD categoryUKCRC HRCS categoryTotal score
1How can we improve outcomes of diabetes-related foot complications for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly those living in remote communities?Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander healthManagement of diseases and conditions214
21What are the health and cost benefits of providing government-funded, multidisciplinary high-risk foot services for optimal management of people with diabetes-related foot disease compared with usual care?EconomicsHealth and social care services research212
34What are the long-term outcomes (wound recurrence, osteomyelitis recurrence) of osteomyelitis in people with diabetes, when treated conservatively/medically rather than surgically?InfectionManagement of diseases and conditions188
43What are the most effective educational programs to improve self-care practices to prevent foot disease in people with diabetes?EducationManagement of diseases and conditions185
56Is there a cost benefit of implementing a program to prevent diabetes-related foot ulcers in high-risk populations compared with the cost of treating diabetes-related foot ulcers?EconomicsHealth and social care services research177
6What are the most effective treatment approaches to help people with diabetes adhere to using their recommended offloading devices?OffloadingManagement of diseases and conditions167
7How can state and federal governments be engaged to better fund the community care of people with, or at risk of, diabetes-related foot disease?Health servicesHealth and social care services research167
8Do standardized clinical pathways improve the consistency of care for people with diabetes-related foot disease?Translational researchManagement of diseases and conditions158
9What is the best duration for antibiotics in the management of osteomyelitis?InfectionManagement of diseases and conditions125
10What are the amputation rates in different local government areas in Australia?EpidemiologyHealth and social care services research116
  • *Group consolidated 36 health professionals, 2 researchers/academics and 1 industry.

  • DFD, diabetes-related foot disease; UKCRC HRCS, UK Clinical Research Collaboration Health Research Classification System.