Table 3

Final ‘top-10’ research questions for consumers after Round 3 (n=30), compared with rank from overall sample

Consumer rankOverall sample rankResearch questionDFD categoryUKCRC HRCS categoryTotal score
15Can established peripheral neuropathy be reversed, and if so how?Peripheral neuropathyEtiology186
2What are some of the early signs a person with diabetes must be aware of that they are developing diabetes-related foot problems?Assessment/diagnosisDetection, screening and diagnosis183
3What is the best way for a person with diabetes to cope with peripheral neuropathy to prevent possible amputation?ManagementEvaluation of treatments and therapeutic interventions183
42What are the most effective treatment options for pain associated with diabetes-related peripheral neuropathy?Peripheral neuropathyManagement of diseases and conditions173
5What are the most effective treatments for circulatory disease involving the foot in diabetes?Peripheral arterial diseaseManagement of diseases and conditions172
6What is the most effective way to detect diabetes-related peripheral neuropathy?Peripheral neuropathyDetection, screening and diagnosis152
7What are the symptoms of diabetes-related foot complications?Assessment/diagnosisDetection, screening and diagnosis142
88Is exercise beneficial in reducing the risk of diabetes-related foot complication?ExerciseEvaluation of treatments and therapeutic interventions124
9Are people with diabetes aware of how peripheral neuropathy affects their feet and how to check for it?EducationDetection, screening and diagnosis123
10Is exercise beneficial in improving symptoms of painful peripheral neuropathy?ExerciseEvaluation of treatments and therapeutic interventions114
  • DFD, diabetes-related foot disease; UKCRC HRCS, UK Clinical Research Collaboration Health Research Classification System.