Table 2

Fasting plasma concentrations (mean±SD) of adiponectin, adipsin, and oxidative stress markers oxLDL, TAC and GPX-1 in the three different insulin sensitivity groups: M≤6 (n=14), M=6.1–12 (n=29) and M>12 (n=17)

Most sensitive
(M>12, n=17)
Intermediate sensitive
(M=6.1–12, n=29)
Least sensitive
(M≤6, n=14)
P value
Adiponectin (µg/mL)29.1±6.130.3±10.623.9±7.70.121
Adipsin (ng/mL)577.7±165.8630.4±186.6537.4±202.40.319
oxLDL (U/L)65.4±28.654.1±23.570.1±25.50.124
TAC (mM Trolox)1.8±0.31.8±0.21.9±0.20.253
GPX-1 (ng/mL)5.0±6.04.2±3.85.0±4.80.791
CRP (ng/mL)1359.2±1012.62649.8±1872.9*2335.4±1156.6*0.027
sRAGE (ng/mL)1180.5±695.61151.9±420.01314.1±561.00.654
TNFRSF1B (ng/mL)2088.4±417.32174.0±527.32050.1±381.20.702
  • *P<0.05 vs M≤6 by ANOVA.

  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; CRP, C reactive protein; GPX-1, glutathione peroxidase 1; M value, whole-body glucose disposal rate; oxLDL, oxidized low-density lipoprotein; sRAGE, soluble receptor for advanced glycation end products; TAC, Trolox equivalent total antioxidant capacity; TNFRSF1B, soluble tumor necrosis factor alpha receptor 2.