Table 1

Details of studies and datasets used for analysis

Exposure/OutcomesParticipantsSample sizePubMed ID/
MR base ID
First authorConsortiumYearUnits
Insomnia651 923 European ancestry males, 679 087 European ancestry females1 331 01030 804 565Jansen PRUK Biobank+23andMe2019NA
T2DMEuropean62 89230 054 458Xue ANA2018log OR
BMIEuropean, males and females454 884ukb-b-2303Ben ElsworthMRC-IEU2018SD (kg/m2)
Waist-to-hip ratioMixed124 59125 673 412Shungin DGIANT2015SD (%)
Body fat percentageEuropean, males and females331 117ukb-a-264NealeNeale Lab2017SD (%)
HbA1cAfrican American or Afro-Caribbean, males and females5290ukb-e-30750_AFRPan-UKB teamNA2020%
Fasting blood glucoseHispanic or Latin American13 55631 217 584Wojcik GLNA2019NA
Fasting blood insulinHispanic or Latin American12 68731 217 584Wojcik GLNA2019NA
  • Details of studies and datasets used for analysis.

  • BMI, body mass index; NA, not available; T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus.