Table 1

Participant characteristics

Baseline indoor adherence low
Baseline indoor adherence high
P valueAll participants
Age (years)68.3±11.272.1±4.20.35769.3±9.9
Female gender39(9)50(4)0.68942(13)
BMI (kg/m2)30±732±80.61431±7
Type 2 diabetes78(18)75(6)1.077(24)
Diabetes duration (years)*19.5±15.719.5±10.20.99719.5±14.5
LOPS, based on abnormal monofilament perception100(23)100(8)100(31)
Amputation†22 (5)25 (2)1.023 (7)
  • Data are expressed as mean±SD, or % (n). No significant differences were found between the groups baseline indoor adherence ‘low’ and ‘high’.

  • *Diabetes duration was available from n=27.

  • †Amputation up to tarsometatarsal level.

  • BMI, body mass index; LOPS, loss of protective sensation.