Table 1

Comparison of general characteristics of patients with GDM between the two groups

ProjectRE group
AE group
Test valueP value
Age (years, x̅±s)31.84±5.1931.47±4.060.370*0.712
Education (n, %)Primary school 2 (4.6)
Junior high school 6 (14.0)
Technical secondary school to high school 7 (16.3)
Primary school 0 (0.0)
Junior high school 5 (11.6)
Technical secondary school to high school 3 (7.0)
College and above 28 (65.1)College and above 35 (81.4)
Parity number (parity, M, IQR)1 (1–2)2 (1–2)0.501*0.617
Family history of diabetes (n, %)1.833‡0.176
 Yes11 (25.6)6 (14.0)
 No32 (74.4)37 (86.0)
History of cesarean section (n, %)1.042‡0.307
 Yes12 (27.9)8 (18.6)
 No31 (72.1)35 (81.4)
Current gestational age (weeks, x̅±s)28.02±2.0128.14±2.00−0.270*0.788
Height (m, x̅±s)1.60±0.051.60±0.05−0.023*0.982
Weight before pregnancy (kg, x̅±s)59.43±15.7859.25±11.420.061*0.951
BMI before pregnancy (kg/m2, x̅±s)23.03±5.2223.08±3.68−0.050*0.960
Gestational age at diagnosis of GDM (weeks, x̅±s)25.30±1.6125.05±1.330.804*0.424
Weight at diagnosis of GDM (kg, x̅±s)65.67±12.5765.11±13.670.196*0.845
OGTT: fasting blood glucose (mmol/L, x̅±s)5.05±0.514.93±0.461.167*0.247
OGTT: 1-hour postprandial blood glucose (mmol/L, x̅±s)10.09±1.4010.01±1.280.283*0.778
OGTT: 2-hour postprandial blood glucose (mmol/L, x̅±s)8.48±1.288.56±1.17−0.291*0.772
Pre-intervention fasting blood glucose (mmol/L, x̅±s)5.29±0.655.28±0.610.063*0.950
Pre-intervention 2-hour postprandial blood glucose (mmol/L, x̅±s)6.53±0.516.48±0.410.527*0.599
  • *t-value.

  • †Fisher’s exact test.

  • ‡X2 value.

  • AE, aerobic exercise; BMI, body mass index; GDM, gestational diabetes mellitus; OGTT, glucose tolerance test; RE, resistance exercise.