Table 3

Spearman and partial correlation of variables associated with circulating CTRP3

Plasma CTRP3Plasma CTRP3
(age and sex adjusted)
Sex (M/F)0.0020.974 –
Age (years)−0.0630.243 –
BMI (kg/m2)0.1040.056−0.115 0.511
SBP (mm Hg)−0.0140.7950.119 0.498
DBP (mm Hg)0.0740.1680.006 0.973
FPG (mmol/L)0.0510.531−0.010 0.952
2hPG (mmol/L)−0.0390.6320.061 0.729
HbA1c (%)−0.20<0.001−0.230 0.041
FINS (mU/L)−0.0520.604−0.081 0.644
TC (mmol/L)−0.0390.475−0.291 0.090
TG (mmol/L)0.0240.657−0.358 0.035
HDL-C (mmol/L)−0.0230.680.193 0.266
LDL-C (mmol/L)−0.0460.398−0.243 0.159
hsCRP (mg/L)−0.0590.454−0.055 0.756
Urea (mmol/L)−0.0980.0720.055 0.755
Cr (μmoI/L)0.0010.9890.010 0.957
UA (μmoI/L)0.0340.527−0.399 0.018
ALT (U/L)0.0580.2880.026 0.882
AST (U/L)−0.0080.879−0.025 0.887
NDS−0.1470.007−0.158 0.003
  • Correlation between variables was analyzed by Spearman’s correlation tests and partial correlation tests (adjusted by age and sex).

  • ALT, alanine aminotransferase; AST, aspartate aminotransferase; BMI, body mass index; Cr, creatinine; CTRP3, C1q/tumor necrosis factor-related protein-3; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; FINS, fasting serum insulin; FPG, fasting plasma glucose; HbA1c, hemoglobin A1c; HDL-C, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol; 2hPG, 2-hour post challenge plasma glucose; hsCRP, high-sensitive C reactive protein; LDL-C, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; NDS, Neuropathy Disability Score; NSS, Neuropathy Symptom Score; SBP, systolic blood pressure; TC, total cholesterol; TG, triglyceride; UA, uric acid.