Table 5

Choriocapillaris density: statistical differences between nDKD and DKD subgroups versus control group

Choriocapillaris densityControls
(n=34 eyes)
(n=37 eyes)
(n=56 eyes)
MD±SDMD±SD95% CIP valueMD±SD95% CIP value
Central51.0±1.048.5±0.9−0.8 to 5.80.19849.0±0.6−0.9 to 4.90.299
Superior53.0±0.453.4±0.3−2.0 to 1.31.00053.4±0.3−1.4 to 1.61.000
Nasal54.0±0.553.1±0.3−0.7 to 2.40.60153.4±0.4−1.0 to 2.21.000
Inferior53.5±0.352.9±0.4−1.2 to 2.51.00053.0±0.3−1.3 to 2.51.000
Temporal53.1±0.453.7±0.4−2.0 to 0.80.95352.8±0.4−1.2 to 1.71.000
  • DKD, diabetic kidney disease; nDKD, no diabetic kidney disease.