Table 2

Mean choroidal layer thickness in subjects with T2D and controls

Choroidal thickness, ETDRS (μm)T2D (n=93 eyes)Controls (n=34 eyes)95% CIP value
MD (µm)±SDMD (µm)±SD
Center thickness241.3±9.1289.0±15.6−83.3 to −12.00.009
Total volume6.2±0.27.3±0.3−2.0 to −0.40.003
Inner temporal235.9±8.2274.8±13.6−70.5 to −7.30.016
Inner superior251.3±7.5296.8±14.2−76.6 to −14.50.004
Inner nasal229.0±8.3269.6±8.3−74.9 to −6.20.021
Inner inferior227.9±9.3270.4±15.4−77.9 to −7.10.019
Outer temporal217.1±7.0252.2±11.4−61.2 to −9.00.008
Outer superior243.5±7.3292.2±13.5−78.0 to −19.30.001
Outer nasal185.1±7.7220.5±14.2−66.6 to −4.00.027
Outer inferior208.8±8.5255.0±11.8−74.6 to −17.60.002
Average thickness219.3±7.3260.8±12.2−69.0 to −13.90.003
  • Significant values in bold.

  • ETDRS, Early Treatment Diagnostic Retinopathy Study; MD, Average; T2D, type 2 diabetes.