Table 3

Resource use, and costs before and after implementation

Resource use and costsSMBG before
SMBG after
Flash monitoring before
Flash monitoring after
Resource use
 Mean daily BG testing strips and lancets used (SD)*5.484.805.974.30
 Mean daily scans (SD)*NANANA6.70
First-generation/Second-generation sensors (per annum)NANANA13
 Total primary care prescribing†£706.59£619.05£770.18£1468.43
 Secondary care cost£242.88£175.14£182.89£235.07
Total NHS cost‡£949.47£794.18£953.07£1703.50
Adjusted NHS cost and 95% CI§£960.81
(£793.25 to £1128.37)
(£655.71 to 990.18)
(£820.22 to 1100.41)
(£1505.68 to £1821.21)
  • *Complete case analysis. Not all individuals contributed sufficient data in the 2-week period preceding the clinic date to calculate a mean number of scans.

  • †Primary care prescribing estimated based on BG test strip and flash monitoring sensor usage, based on mean number of readings in preceding 2-week period.

  • ‡Units unadjusted other than for variable follow-up; costs are mean per person year costs based on individual patient data.

  • §Linear prediction via a two-level mixed model adjusting for variance difference between patients in terms of IMD, time since diagnosis, age, test modality (point of care or laboratory).

  • IMD, index of multiple deprivation; NA, not available; NHS, National Health Service; SMBG, self-monitoring of blood glucose.