Table 3

Patient-perceived needs for further information regarding DKA, as well as the type of information material preferred by participants, and automated prescription of ketone measuring strips once a year

Questionn (%)Missing values (%)
Would you like more information about diabetic ketoacidosis?31 (9.3)
 Yes201 (66.6)
 No59 (19.5)
 I don’t know42 (13.9)
What would help you learn more about diabetic ketoacidosis?39 (11.7)
 Information leaflets (eg, brochures)166 (56.5)
 Diabetes counseling51 (17.3)
 Physician counseling112 (38.1)
 Online training (eg, webinar)63 (21.4)
 Other11 (3.7)
Should the test strips be prescribed by the attending physician as standard with the annual prescription?41 (12.3)
 Yes165 (56.5)
 No46 (15.8)
 I don’t know81 (27.7)
  • Given are absolute numbers, missing values and percentage.

  • DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis.