Table 1

Patient characteristics during the initial admission and readmission

VariableTotalReadmittedNot readmittedP value*
Age (years)64.2 (14.5)66.0 (14.2)63.8 (14.5)0.018
Sex (% male)51.546.952.60.083
BMI (kg/m2)31.5 (7.9)31.0 (7.6)31.7 (7.9)0.181
ICU stay31.4%36.3%30.2%0.045
Mechanical ventilation15.4%26.7%12.5%<0.001
Diagnosed diabetes91.9%88.0%92.8%0.007
Any diabetes medication50.2%54.5%49.2%0.105
HbA1c (%)8.12 (2.24)7.70 (1.96)8.22 (2.30)<0.001
DKA at admission2.0%2.2%1.9%0.812
DKA during hospitalization14.1%19.1%12.8%0.019
Glucose (mg/dL)212.0 (129.1)191.2 (106.1)217.2 (133.7)0.002
Glycemic gap (mg/dL)25.3 (107.3)16.5 (89.7)27.5 (111.2)0.123
Any comorbidity76.4%80.5%75.5%0.069
Use of statin38.5%44.8%37.0%0.018
Length of stay – median (IQR)7 (4,12)8 (4,13)6 (4,11)0.005
eGFR (mL/1.73m2/min)58.3 (29.3)52.6 (29.4)59.8 (29.1)0.001
  • Continuous data presented as mean (SD) unless specified.

  • *P value of comparison of “Readmitted” vs “Not readmitted” using t-test for all continuous variables except Mann-Whitney U test for length of stay; χ2 for categorical variables. p<0.05 indicated in bold type.

  • †American Indian, Alaskan Native, Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, multiracial.

  • BMI, body mass index; DKA, diabetic ketoacidosis; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; HbA1c, hemoglobin A1c; ICU, intensive care unit.